I am passionate about guiding weary women to find their voice, trust their inner guidance and honor their needs in self-love. Each healed heart, each strengthened voice matters – including yours, my love!

It’s my honor to remind you that you are loved and supported and beautifully made by the Universe. There is nothing wrong with you – you are amazing!

Some hard life experiences may have “fogged” you from being able to see that currently, but only temporarily.

If you have anxiety or depression, if you feel pressure to show others that you have it all together, if you work hard to please so many but often feel as though you are failing; you are in the right place.

I am a certified mindset and energy coach, an intuitive healer, spiritual mentor, and author.

I am passionate about guiding weary women to find their voice, trust their inner guidance and honor their needs in self-love. Each healed heart, each strengthened voice matters – including yours, my love!


As the author of

A Woman’s Word

I share my first-hand account of nine women’s heartwarming, emotional, and empowering healing stories in support of all women, so we can see ourselves in their struggle and find a way forward in our lives.

I lovingly offer this book as a roadmap for anyone on a healing journey back to self-love.

                 ONLINE COMMUNITY

Soul Weary Women

Are you looking for a Soul Nourishing, Sister Supporting, All Faith, Open-Hearted Community to Love on Yourself and Others? Come on over, love.

In my online community, Soul Weary Women, I am honest about my own healing journey with the intention to inspire healing, acceptance, and self-love in all women.

Not one of us has it all together, but we can lock arms and move forward together.


healing, reconnection & Support

  Join me and a small group of women on this intimate journey of healing; get super clear on who you are and what you want in eight weeks and leave with a personalized road-map of what’s next for you. 


Ready to



Do you know which ‘type’ of thinking is causing you to feel exhausted, resentful, or frustrated – exacerbating the hard thing you are walking through?

 Take my 2-minute quiz to learn about the shadow side of your archetype, the top 3 inner traits causing your exhaustion, and receive several personalized healing tools to start your restoration journey for FREE.



A Gentle 4-Month Journey to Self.

Together we will fully embrace your wounded and self-abandoned parts, deepening both your sense of self and your trust in the Universe.

I’ve got you, beautiful!


Client Love

Joanna Peters truly is an intuitive healer. She has brought clarity & peace to my soul with her coaching.

I was overwhelmed with grief over my divorce, deaths of loved ones & parenting a struggling child, and Joanna was able to show compassion & guidance to bring me to a place of understanding.

I now have hope, joy & freedom again. I highly recommend indulging yourself in a journey with Joanna.

– Nancy K

Joanna is an amazing coach, she has helped me get through many of life’s hard challenges. Each challenge we face together I come out that much stronger. I am and always will be forever grateful for her guidance, support, and love

– Carly L

“Working with Joanna has truly changed my life.”

 – Jill

“I prayed for someone like Joanna to come and help me, and I am so grateful she did.” 

– Vera

“I can now say I am happy, which I couldn’t say for a long time, and I am more at peace with myself than I have been in many years.” 

– Jolie

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Front-row seat to the universe

Front-row seat to the universe

I’m basking in my front-row seat to the universe right now during a night flight on a clear night.   I have always loved looking at the stars. The depth and expansiveness instantly shift my perspective from whatever earthly thing I was worried about - to wonder, awe,...

she used to climb trees…

she used to climb trees…

She used to climb trees, enjoying the thrill of her strong body skillfully navigating the higher branches, while happily wearing her brothers’ clothes. Riding her bike for hours, excitedly peddling up hills while anticipating the rush of lifting her feet off the...