“A Woman’s Word” IS A COMPELLING CONFIRMATION of every woman’s struggle.

We all doubt ourselves, breakdown in tears, struggle with comparison and wonder if we are ‘enough’ at times…

Self-love, grace, and continual self-forgiveness are critical – and a knowing that life only requires our best messy effort to be successful.”

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"Beautiful souls, our time to rise is now. But first we need to stop believing the lie that every other woman has it all together except us".

– Joanna PEters,


Hello Beautiful!

During my first few years coaching women through super hard things, I was continually surprised to be trusted with the same confession – time and time again, women would share their well-hidden secret: 

“I don’t have it all together. I scream and cry in private. I feel like I am in a fog, I believe that every other woman has it all together except me”. 

I was perplexed to hear this over and over again – that each person thought they were alone and the only woman struggling. I began to wonder, asking myself this question:

Is this the universe only sending me this type of woman because I have felt this way at times, or is this some kind of societal epidemic I am uncovering? 

Since coaching and speaking at woman’s events over the past decade, across many demographics and faiths, I am convinced that this is what is holding us ALL back. 


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By reading A Women’s Word readers are sure to be inspired and encouraged.  Joanna eloquently shares deeply heroic, empowering stories. I have to tell you—when I got to the last line, I cheered out loud!

– Elizabeth D, Editor Balboa Press. 

Book Reviews

A Woman’s Word is a well-written exploration of the strengths and struggles of everyday women. At once both powerful and empowering, it does not flinch from difficult questions or reach for simplistic answers.

-Balbao Press


A Woman’s Word  is a compelling confirmation that EVERYONE is a hot mess – no exceptions. We all doubt ourselves, breakdown in tears, struggle with comparison and wonder if we are ‘enough’ at times. Self-love, grace and continual self-forgiveness are critical, and a knowing that this thing called life only requires our best, messy effort in order to count ourselves as successful.  

Too often, our journey to peace is compromised by trying to hide the fact that we are a human with flaws. 

Darkness is a part of everyone’s journey that needs a light shined through it to heal. 

In my book “A Woman’s Word”, you will get a first-hand account of 9 brave women courageously rebuilding their lives in every sense after walking through some of the hardest things that humanity has to endure – you will fall in love with, identify with, and root for these real women. 

Follow Rosa’s heart-wrenching journey through teen addiction and homelessness, Sophia’s relatable struggle with perfectionism and anxiety in corporate, while battling secret shame, or cry with Brenda as she fumbles through motherhood battling depression and devastating grief.

I wrote this book because I wanted to put together a collection of stories that accurately depicts who WE are, as a sex. 

I wanted to create a new point of reference of what it is to be a woman – outside of glossy, well-curated social media content. 


♡  If you are beginning to tire from pretending that you have it all together. 

♡ If you are beginning to suspect that the pain and suffering you neatly buried years ago, may need a revisit based on your symptoms.  

 If you are looking for inspiration from other women just like you who have conquered their fears, doubts and pain and journeyed successfully back to themselves

… then let A Woman’s Word be your catalyst to healing.  

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My loves, it's time for us to shed the pain of our ancestors, forgive ourselves for our pasts and step into our sacred restoration so we can, I believe, not only restore our own generation but also have a profound impact upon the next.



PRE-ORDER now & receive a signed copy by Joanna

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JOANNA PETERS is an intuitive coach, healer, and author.

She is the founder of the Soul Weary Women community on social media and is a sought-after motivational speaker.

Joanna passionately guides women to heal from their painful pasts, shed shame and live with peace and self-love, working with a varied demographic; economically disadvantaged backgrounds, suburban families, and corporate leaders.

Her ability to connect with various spiritual, religious, and consciousness-driven audiences enables her to deliver her message of healing and hope to all women.

Born in England, she’s a happily married, proud working mom of two teenagers and three furry kids and currently lives in New York.