A Woman’s Word shares the raw and empowering true stories of nine brave women healing from the darkness of trauma that beckons and inspires healing, acceptance and self-love in us all.

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“Beautiful souls, our time to rise is now. But first we need to stop believing the lie that every other woman has it all together except us”.


In my book “A Woman’s Word”, you will get a first-hand account of 9 brave women courageously rebuilding their lives in every sense after walking through some of the hardest things that humanity has to endure – you will fall in love with, identify with, and root for these real women.

Follow Rosa’s heart-wrenching journey through teen addiction and homelessness, Sophia’s relatable struggle with perfectionism and anxiety in corporate while battling secret shame, or cry with Brenda as she fumbles through motherhood battling depression and devastating grief.

I wrote this book because I wanted to put together a collection of stories that accurately depicts who WE are, as a sex, to create a new point of reference of what it is to be a woman – outside of glossy, well-curated social media content. 

Darkness is a part of everyone’s journey that needs a light shined through it to heal. 

The identities of the brave women you will come to love in this compilation are disguised, and some details changed to protect their anonymity further. This book is, however, very much non-fiction. 

I lovingly offer this book as a roadmap for anyone on a healing journey back to self-love.

Stand with me, sister; we are long overdue.

Our ancestors are jumping and cheering our coup,

As one by one, we heal and remember,

Straighten our crowns, wide awake from our slumber.

There are others to heal and important work to do.

First things first, though: you must choose you.

– Joanna Peters, A Woman’s Word 


At a women’s seminar, I remember Sophia watching me intensely with her large brown eyes. Holding my business card up on her way out, she said, “I think we need to talk.” She was well put together, had warm energy, and wore her “I’m fine” mask with elegance. 

On our first call, she stated she wanted peace. She described chasing her tail, trying to complete all the things on a never-ending to-do list between her executive career, husband, children, and home. She always felt like she was failing somewhere and was exhausted. She took notes as we talked. She wanted a new plan, directions, a way to do it all with balance. She was taking notes as I passed along my observation that she was running her life from her head, and we needed to get her back into her body. She was so disconnected from herself. She stopped writing, stumped on how to turn that into an action item. 

She had created a world for herself where she was in charge of organizing, planning, and executing all the tiny details of her family’s life while also working full-time. She had no concept that she had any bandwidth or limitations, just resolved to work harder tomorrow to get it all done. Her mind was always adding things to her list and reviewing what she had left to do. At any moment, Sophia seemed fearful that she would drop one of the balls she was juggling …

The opening chapter of Sophia’s relatable struggle with perfectionism and anxiety in corporate while battling secret shame.

An excerpt from A Woman’s Word

book Reviews

By reading A Women’s Word readers are sure to be inspired and encouraged.  Joanna eloquently shares deeply heroic, empowering stories. I have to tell you—when I got to the last line, I cheered out loud!

– Elizabeth D, Editor Balboa Press. 

Book Reviews

A Woman’s Word is a well-written exploration of the strengths and struggles of everyday women. At once both powerful and empowering, it does not flinch from difficult questions or reach for simplistic answers.

-Balbao Press

empower yourself through their emotional and brave journeys from darkness to light



order now from all major retailers. 

Softcover, Hardcover and e-books available.



Joanna passionately guides women to find their voice, trust their inner guidance and honor their needs in self-love.

As founder of the Soul Weary Women Community on social media and author of A Woman’s Word, she is a sought-after motivational speaker.

Working with a mixed demographic; financially underprivileged backgrounds, suburban families, and corporate leaders, her ability to connect with various spiritual, religious, and consciousness-driven audiences enables her to deliver her message of healing and hope to all women.

Born in England, she’s a happily married, proud working mom of two teenagers and three furry kids and currently lives in New York.