client love

“I feel held by Jo in my vulnerability in a way that allows me to dig deep. She is extremely gifted at what she does; helping me (in ways that nobody else has been able) to identify patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve me and rewrite my old beliefs into self-love.” – Cathy

“She helped me transform myself into a stronger, more confident person from a very depressive, dark place with every phone call we had.” – Zena

“She is SUPER intuitive. She got me in seconds. She doesn’t take any shit, in the most loving way, and has helped me so much. Truly, she is magic!” – Beth

“Joanna’s turned a light on for me that lit my path. I was able to see the circles I was spinning in, and she helped me break a pattern that kept me in a rut. I am so grateful to her!” – Cecelia

“As a private person, I was able to talk to her and tell her about anything I wanted without any judgement.  Joanna will be your biggest fan, even if you don’t see it in yourself.” – Abby S.

“Jo is simply fantastic.” – Lori S.

“Joanna worked with me on breaking past insecurities and road blocks that were keeping me from succeeding and having my voice be heard in the work place and in my relationships. I have become more confident in my voice and become more of a leader due to our work together. Thanks Joanna!” – Brit

“Jo ‘gets me’ and she brings so much love, positivity and faith to our work. She is passionate, understanding and incredibly intuitive. I truly can no longer imagine my life without her in it.” – Jessica

“Joanna helped me unravel and look at many layers of myself. I am now able to move forward where I had been stuck in the same patterns that weren’t working for me. I enjoyed this journey with Joanna very much!” – Sarah C.

“Joanna is warm, open and insightful. She gave me clarity and confidence, and supported me to a place I wanted to go but had no courage to go by myself.” – Svetlana P.

“Working with Joanna has truly changed my life.” – Jill H.

“Joanna is a brilliant coach and intuitive.  She knows when my soul lights up because we have uncovered a truth, even if I haven’t found the words for it yet.” – Autumn R.

“I have suffered from depression my whole life and I struggle with addiction. I prayed for someone like Joanna to come and help me, and I am so grateful she did.” – Vera P.

“I can now say I am happy, which I couldn’t say for a long time, and I am more at peace with myself than I have been in many years.” – Jolie W.

“Joanna is naturally gifted at being able to see exactly what you need. She helped me dig deep and identify my true passions and also helped me identify excuses versus true obstacles.” – Fran P.

“I could not believe how much better I felt after one session. Joanna is incredible, truly one of a kind” – Jill H

Joanna helped me to see deep into my soul where old wounds & habits dwelled. I am able to see clearly now, my path to healing & my future, without self doubt or judgement. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of me! Well worth the investment in myself – Nancy K


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