Here’s a super subtle thing I teach, that winds up making all the difference in the world to a girl’s self-perception, inner confidence and divine connection:

There is a difference between ‘the truth’ (Divine truth) Vs what ‘feels true’ (wounded truth) about ourselves.

For example:
Wounded truth: Feels true that “I am alone. If I am fully myself no one will like me”
Divine Truth – “I am loved and supported. When I am fully ‘me’, I attract who I am meant to”

Another example:
Wounded truth: “I need to work hard to prove myself and earn respect and approval”
Divine Truth: “I am already enough, loved and supported”

So, what is a “Wounded Truth”?

Wounded truths are stories our minds came up with when we were younger to explain or rationalize life events; they attempt to cover or protect us from subconscious wounds. They feel super true even though they also make us sad.

Conversely, wound-free and connected to Source, our higher selves know how loved we are and that the life event was perhaps a lesson, but had nothing to do with our worth.

I can intuitively see and feel my client’s wounded stories about themselves, as well as which wound is causing the confusion and creating the disconnection from self-love.

This is an important topic in my REVIVE group coaching program. We look at which wounded truth is most in our way, and keeping us ‘stuck’ right now.

We also cover in REVIVE: How to reconnect to our intuition and KNOW which is divine guidance compared to a wounded mindset trying to protect us.

Those who sign up for August’s program by August 5th, will also be getting my Inner Child Connection work-book, a tool I created to support uncovering and healing wounds at home.

I hope you join us in REVIVE soon!
Sending so much love,