I’m quoting myself here, but this one is important. It was my biggest lesson and it took me the longest to learn fully. It winds up being a part of most private coaching sessions, because – frankly, us women stink at knowing this.

Societal conditioning is against us:
“She is such a good Mom” (when she is running herself ragged for others),
“Bless her, such a good wife “(as she is serving him dinner).

How often are we praised for taking care of ourselves?? Not as often for sure. Which is why we must really know this for ourselves sisters!!!

– Pat ourselves on the back for being kind to ourselves and saying “no” to someone.
– Throw ourselves a dance party when we make time for doing something we love.
– Physically hug and compliment ourselves.
– Smile to ourselves as our relationships improve because we know the recipe for connection with others is self-love. They are welcome ?