I’m basking in my front-row seat to the universe right now during a night flight on a clear night.
I have always loved looking at the stars. The depth and expansiveness instantly shift my perspective from whatever earthly thing I was worried about – to wonder, awe, and a knowing that we are loved and supported here with our trials.
The trials that are both huge and feel hard will soon pass and turn into growth, wisdom, and memories, ultimately leading to more magical moments.
The stars lovingly remind me that each moment is short and magical, and therefore being present to it – the magical right now – is everything.

Mindfulness – focusing on the right now while using your senses, is something I have been practicing personally for decades. I even teach it, yet my ADHD busy mom brain can easily loop into task-lists and fear thoughts, replacing my feelings of safety and truth with angst.
With this awareness, though, I can follow my breath, use my senses to focus back on the current typically manageable moment.
I feel so grateful to be blessed with the clear sky on my night flight, so the stars can gently remind me to get out of my head and enjoy the magical and peaceful now.
Back the energy of knowing the truth, Divine support, and love.
Gonna go back and stare out of the window for the remainder of the trip, but I wanted to share – hopeful the stars will have reminded one of you beauties to breathe and take a moment as well.
Love you guys,
Joanna Peters
Intuitive coach, author, and stargazer.


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