A few years ago I would have missed the meaning behind this. I was too afraid of stepping out and being fully me …afraid of failure, afraid of judgement. I didn’t see fear as a gift at all. I was paralyzed.

I am an empath and a healer as well as a trained coach. I intuitively “know” and “see” people as their best version of themselves and see the mask and behaviors that they show up as today.

I knew how I was helping people was beyond what I learned in coaching school, but I would only market myself as a coach for many years. My intuitive gifts were totally in the closet.

Saying this out loud was terrifying to me, I knew it inside to be my truth, but I went dizzy at the thought of anyone knowing. “Who does she think she is?” I would imagine people thinking, whenever I deliberated telling others. Believing me and not believing me (“shes says she can do what?), both reactions terrified me.

I used to coach a good friend, and tease her that she is an amazing bright light in the universe, but she is shining it inside a closet because of her self-doubt and fears. She was a wonderful mirror for me.

I was still so worried about pleasing others, looking good and keeping up the role of being what I thought people expected from me.

I worked to heal some of my wounds around this, and I’m now claiming my  gifts  – (gasp) visibly – and the world is still spinning 🙂

True happiness can only be fully known from a place of true authenticity.

Sooo.. what’s the thing you are most afraid of??? Have the courage to look into what that fear is, because it could well be the thing you are most afraid of because its the thing you want the most.

It’s so powerful, taking action a little scared ?