Hello Beautiful Soul,

I am honored you have found your way here! Let me take this opportunity to share with you the most important message my work offers:

You are loved and supported and beautifully made by the universe.  All your quirks, likes and dislikes are by design. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with you, you are beautiful.  Your traumas, unconscious triggers and life experiences may have “fogged” you from being able to see that, but only temporarily.

If you are here, perhaps your soul is ready to heal. It is possible to rediscover your true authentic voice and fully own your power; without the ‘fog’ that has you anxiety ridden, overwhelmed or feeling stuck.

You matter.  Your happiness matters.

It would be my honor to support you.

Much love,


Understanding your past intellectually and healing the energy wounds inside your emotional body are two different things. Loving yourself enough to do the work to heal yourself is beautiful and brave.

I have intuitively always been able to  ‘see’ people as their best version of themselves. I also see the mask and behaviors that show up today.  I see clearly the mind patterns that are holding them back from being their true selves and holding them back from their best life.  I see their wounds from trauma, and their fears.  I see also their greatness, what’s possible that they are not stepping into.

I chose to embrace this gift and use my mindset training to help women heal from their life wounds. To choose themselves and then navigate back to their authentic voice and fully stand in their power.

Sometimes hard things from our past unexpectedly resurface, showing up as intense emotions like anxiety or as ‘brain fog’.  If you were not able to properly process your trauma at the time, perhaps you have been pushing it deep down for decades.  Then like a beach ball being pushed under water, it rudely reemerges with all its old feelings of lack of self-worth, sadness and anxiety.  This can happen even when all is going well, or after a new hard event that multiplies the old feelings.

This can be confusing and hard, especially if we judge ourselves as “Supposed to have healed or moved on from this already!” (from our childhood, or that event).  We can feel like we are failing somehow.  The truth is that we all heal in layers.

If this is resonating with you, then the universe is pulling these feelings up for healing, because it is wanting to support you through healing them.  Your feelings are a like a’ check engine’ light in your car.  Just information.  Letting you know that it is time to work on yourself and get the help you need.  Preparing you to be your best self for whatever is next for you.  Most likely this wound is blocking you from the thing you really most want in life.

Are you ready to put yourself first and seek healing? How would it feel to be without the ‘fog’ that has you anxiety ridden, overwhelmed or feeling stuck?  Click below to set up a discovery call to explore how my soul sessions could work for you.

I would love to hold space for you in your sacred journey of healing and self-discovery.

You matter.  Your happiness matters.

It would be my honor to support you.



“Joanna’s coaching turned a light on for me that lit my path and cleared the cobwebs. With her help I was able to see the circles I was spinning in and she helped me break a pattern that kept me in a rut. I am so grateful to her!”

Cecelia, Teacher.


“Joanna has been my voice of reason and affirmation for me for the past year. I feel very different than I did a year ago, I can now say I am happy which I couldn’t say for a long time, and I am more at peace with myself than I have been in many years. I definitely have more clarity and confidence in my personal leadership presence professionally, and have adjusted my parenting style at home as well.  Sometimes you just need a guiding light and Joanna is that for me.

Jolie – Exec director, Pharma Company and Mother of 2.


“Joanna is amazing. She is intuitive, intelligent, gentle and genuinely interested in helping others reach their full potential. I turned to Joanna because I was feeling lost and stuck on what was next in my career. So many opportunities I wanted to explore yet had genuine doubts and concerns about starting over in my own business. She helped me dig deep and identify my true passions, and also my fears and excuses versus true obstacles. Speaking with Joanna helped me so much, I was able to start taking action quickly whereas I was very stuck before.  With Joanna, I accomplished more in weeks than I had in nine months and I can now see how to make my dream a reality. I am truly grateful for her guidance and support on an ongoing basis”

Fran P Marketing Executive and Mother of 2


“I have been suffering from depression my whole life and struggle with addiction. I met Joanna through a woman’s group at the Family and Children’s Association. The biggest part was my past trauma that I had no idea I was suffering from until she shined a light on it and started working with with me. She understands me like nobody else has. I prayed for someone like Joanna to come and help me and I am so grateful she did”

Vera P. Home Health Aid and Mother of 4