As an intuitive coach, I help women find their voice by learning to have faith in themselves, trust their guidance and strength, and honor their needs in a healthy way.

Part of my intuitive gifts is clairvoyance. As I begin to work with someone, the pieces they are missing or are having trouble connecting to download for me, enabling me to ‘see’ their true power and what their roadmap could look like should they choose it. 

Often wounding is blocking their view of themselves. Discerning the difference between what feels true now (wounded truth) and ‘Divine Truth’ is where the magic is, and I genuinely get goosebumps each time a sister heals a layer of self-doubt and straightens her crown.

I am passionate about working with and restoring feminine energies because we have been doubted and silenced so long in history that it’s a cellular memory for many of us, so the process takes time.

Together, using my intuitive gifts and your renewed strength and clarity, we will transform your pain and navigate back to who you really are.  

in my larger mission:

Through my book – A Woman’s Word, Healing Circles, and my REVIVE Healing Program – I am passionate about delivering the message that we are all connected. Therefore, each of us is important to the collective’s healing.