I really am.

but sometimes I forget.

Self Reflection – It’s one of my favorite tools I want to share, so you can remind yourself you are strong too when you forget.

A tool to remember, to find the truth behind your fears. Remember all you have been through? that time when…. You still showed up every day and did your best? right? – You are ah-mazing!!

When we are ‘mind looping’ on our fears…”I am not sure I can get through this”, “I don’t know how”, ”I am not sure I am (smart, young, strong..) enough” etc. These are fear thoughts, and they themselves trigger the feeling of overwhelm and it can happen in seconds.

They aren’t the truth, but they sure feel like it once they have triggered our anxiety and insecurities. It is those fear thoughts from our brains that release catabolic energy into our bodies, make our brain foggy for solutions and make us want to curl up in bed or stay on the couch.

We forget who we are for a moment.

It’s not that the thoughts themselves are true, but once the thoughts have created low vibrational emotions, we use that as confirmation that the thoughts must be true. Yet we have created the whole experience for ourselves. Self-doubt itself is therefore often self-fulfilling.

The good news is that once you suspect they might just be fear thoughts and not truth, you can teach yourself to interrupt these thoughts.

Question them by asking yourself, “How true is that?”.

You can then self-reflect to find the answer. Think about past situations you worked your way through. Accomplishments you are proud of. You just need a little crack in the logic of your doom and gloom party for the light and truth to pour in.

Then ask for help to see the truth, and ask for help in whatever your circumstances are from your higher power. “Angels help me see that I can do this”. “Universe help me to take the next step today and feel some peace”.

The support will come to you, the universe is always waiting to support you, you do need to ask though because you have free will.

With practice you will be able to see yourself as your creator sees you. Beautiful and strong. Never perfect, but showing up and doing your best, asking for help and learning and healing and growing.

This makes you a beautiful, strong and courageous and human indeed. ❤ Go girl!!