I remember feeling as a little girl, when my Dad was driving us somewhere, that I was totally safe. Lying down in the back seat in the 70’s without a seat belt was peaceful for me.  I knew my job was to rest in his care, and I did so completely.

 I like to remember this feeling often, and remind myself that I can – when I remember – feel safe now, because my higher power is driving.

 Frequently however, I wake up from my slumber in the back seat of life, and try to grab the wheel back from my higher power. 

 I do this all the time! I imagine myself fighting for the wheel, and then being gently and lovingly reminded to trust Him.

 In these moments, I have to gently remind myself – again, that I am not the managing director of the universe. That He’s got this. 

 As an adult, I can get super anxious and sad about ‘all the things’  – from a news story to climate change, so I have to work hard at managing my emotions on a daily basis. 

 Just because the thought entered my head and I have compassion around it, that doesn’t make it my responsibility.

I also need to remind myself often that worrying doesn’t count as action taken to resolve anything. 

 I believe that we are all given different concerns and empathy levels to motivate us to take inspired action, it can be a good thing!

 But drawing the line between acting on that ‘nudge’, and living in a state of worry and overwhelm can be a challenge for many of us.

 The ‘nudge’ about which things we care about is our intuition, so deepening this connection is key to being able to discern both the direction of where you are being guided, and to what extent your involvement is required in that area.

 Without this important piece developed, we are often left spinning in deep caring and empathy, with an overwhelming to-do list.  

Reasons you may not be hearing your intellect clearly include:


  • Past wounds have you doubt or mistrust either yourself, or that you are loved and supported.
  • You value your intellect so both your ego and your rational mind are louder.
  • You habitually disconnect from your body because the feels have been uncomfortable in there in the past.

Working to heal yourself and deepen this connection is critical to your peace, my love!

After doing ‘all I can’, whatever that means to me personally, I then use various tools I have created to say ‘no’ to my worry thoughts and implement my emotional self-care steps.

So, my love, the thing in the world that you are worried about right now, did you practically do all you can? (whatever that looks like to you), are you being responsible in the world around you as it impacts others? Think. Make a list. Check it off.

Absolutely do what is within your control to make a positive impact, taking some action steps will help you feel fulfilled and ease your anxiety. 

It’s the part after the action step we sometimes miss. Which is letting go of the responsibility of the larger outcome, and working on our emotional self-care. 

You are not the managing director of the universe, thankfully your higher power has that job.

When your mind wanders to something that you can’t control, gently remind yourself that you don’t need to micro manage your higher power, and yes, He/The Universe did already think of that too.

Letting go is hard! (see my personal struggle with surrender here), but once we let go, our main job is then to look after ourselves. 

We are important to this world. When we take our emotional self-care seriously, we can show up for others as our best selves.

Self-care might be turning off the TV with the triggering news and playing a board game with the family, meditation or prayer, or perhaps reading a fun book or cuddling with our pets.

You deserve and are meant to access and embody peace! 

Breathe, create your peace and enjoy it.

Joanna Peters, Coach & Author: Guiding soul weary women to heal from their painful pasts, shed shame and finally live with the peace and self-love they deserve. 


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