Know yourself on a soul level

It’s super common for a variety of reasons, for women to feel as though they have lost connection with themselves.

Hard relationships, people pleasing, trauma and motherhood, can all make us operate focusing on what we ‘should’ do, based on what we think others want or need from us.

That ends here, beautiful!

You matter, your happiness matters, your joy matters, your unique expression of you matters to this world very much.

You deserve to and absolutely must, choose yourself over and over again.

Rediscover what YOU want, and what’s in the way of you claiming it.

Through this FREE personal workshop you will be led to: 

 Learn what you want your life to feel like, as a unique expression of your soul. 

 Understand what causes your current frustration and how to speak up about changing it. 

 Discern how to make life decisions in alignment with your soul, and not out of fear or ‘wounded thinking’.

 Set some intentions for the next chapter of your life. You get to create it from a new place of empowerment!


  A personal workbook

  An inspirational video

❁ Pinpointed questions to journal