Great job beautiful soul!

Here’s where you fall on

the Exhaustion Matrix.

you are a

Loving Warrior

….because only a warrior would be still standing after putting everyone else first –

time to choose you, beautiful!

You are perceptive at noticing what others’ needs are and have a big heart. However, if you are feeling exhausted, it is likely you are running with the wounded belief that it’s okay to take care of others before yourself and that keeping others happy is the key to your own happiness. But what about you, my love?

Your happiness and health are more important than you are currently prioritizing them. Your individual wants, needs and quirks are important to the universe because you are important. It is possible to preserve that beautiful heart of serving, without feeling exhausted and resentful at times. People pleasing is a wounded mindset that is possible to heal from – I’ve got you!

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I truly hope this helps you! 


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I’m so happy you are here!

I am Joanna Peters, a certified mindset and energy coach, intuitive healer, spiritual mentor, and author.

To quote my new book – A Women’s Word :

“Beautiful souls, our time to rise is now. But first we need to stop believing the lie that every other woman has it all together except us”.

My love, everyone is a hot mess – no exceptions. Exhaustion is everywhere! 

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Much love,