Mindset Affirmations

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What are mindset affirmations?

Whatever tape is playing in your mind right now is triggering your emotions, which influence your life experience.

Affirmations or mantras, create a new ‘truth’ in our minds, as opposed to old wounded stories about ourselves.


The idea is to simply focus on and repeat the new truth, with the goal to focus the mind, remove distracting thoughts and imprint new beneficial thoughts and ideas about yourself.

As part of a meditation practice, or simply repeating these to yourself as you go about your day, you will see a big difference in your ability to influence your emotions and feel more grounded and confident.

It’s a great start to turning your life around in any direction you want to go!

What to Expect from Your 14 Day Healing Journey Through Affirmations experience

For the next 14 days, you’re going to use some of my favorite mindset affirmations to effortlessly uplift your energy and give you renewed confidence to manifest gentle change easily.

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