Private Coaching with Joanna

You are looking for support, and I’ve got you, beautiful!

My level of support extends from mental to emotional, energetic and beyond.

My signature programs and my 1:1 Soul Sessions are based on a combination of practices.  I am a certified mindset and energy coach, an intuitive healer, and a spiritual mentor.  

 I use my gift of intuitive sight and my training to help you transform your pain and navigate back to who you really are.


I have walked (and sometimes crawled) through a journey of awakening and healing myself over decades, and I combine all the tools that helped me, my training, and my gift of being able to see and feel exactly what you need.

I will be a powerful guide for your journey of awakening and healing. My offer to you is that will see and feel your life, and yourself, very differently after working with me.


 It’s possible to find peace no matter how deep your wounds are.

Check below for an introductory priced Soul Session and options for packages and payment plans. 

Honor yourself with an


call with me.

Investment: $80

After one hour with me, you will receive:

 A new understanding of your current mindset and how it is working, or not working for you.

 Personalized affirmations to support your healing.

Intuitive insight into any needed wound work.

The main thing in the way of getting what you really want.


REach out to start to:

 Learn to see yourself more clearly, and love all aspects of yourself.

 Rewrite the script in your head, and to truly know your worth.

 Know yourself on a soul level, in stronger connection with your Source

 Speak up unapologetically and with love, to change your relationships that aren’t working.

 Heal inner child wounds that show up as body image issues, anxiety, fear of taking risks, people pleasing, comfort eating, screaming at your kidsso many things, because these are just symptoms, not who you are.


“I feel held by Joanna in my vulnerability in a way that allows me to dig deep. She is extremely gifted at what she does; helping me (in ways that nobody else has been able) to identify patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve me and rewrite my old beliefs into self-love.” – Cathy

“She helped me transform myself into a stronger, more confident person from a very depressive, dark place with every phone call we had.” – Zena.

“Joanna is SUPER intuitive. She got me in seconds. She doesn’t take any shit, in the most loving way, and has helped me so much. Truly, she is magic!” – Beth

“Joanna’s turned a light on for me that lit my path. I was able to see the circles I was spinning in, and she helped me break a pattern that kept me in a rut. I am so grateful to her!” – Cecelia

“As a private person, I was able to talk to her and tell her about anything I wanted without any judgement.  Joanna will be your biggest fan, even if you don’t see it in yourself.” – Abby S.

Have questions about packages or payment plans?

Depending upon what level of support you are looking for I have packages available.  I also accept payment plans.

Email me at, and I will set up a free, no pressure or obligation 15 minute call with you.  I want to understand how I can best support you.

Please reach out with questions about any programs –

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