Your Sacred Feminine Archetype is...

Boundary Queen

Your superpowers are…

your self-motivation and clarity around
your responsibility versus others!

Your Inner saboteur is the belief that:

You don’t need anyone or anything.
When you are operating from the shadow side of this Archetype
(when your inner saboteur is triggered), you can become disconnected from your divine love, support, and inner guidance.

You can also give the impression to others that you have everything together and that their support and connection aren’t needed. This takes you out of the energetic space to create meaningful change
that feels good and introduces the heaviness of feeling alone.

If there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s that you are not made to be an island (no matter how capable you are!)

Remember to stay connected to all your love and support, beautiful!

Some Suggestions
Reconnection and Gratitude!

Your inner saboteur, at times, disconnects you from your body and this truth, and has you believe that you achieved all that you have in your own power.

A simple but powerful exercise to reconnect yourself, is to put your hand on your heart, close your eyes and say a little prayer:

“Thank you for loving and supporting me, please remind me that I am not alone”

My brain is naturally wired similarly, so I have many tools for you, some of which are on their way to you already.

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Sending a big whoosh of love to you!
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