Your Sacred Feminine Archetype is...

Passionate Priestess

Your superpowers are…

your heart of gold and internal drive!

Your Inner saboteur is the belief that:

You are alone, and it is not safe to trust others fully.
When you are operating from the shadow side of this Archetype (when your inner saboteur is triggered), you feel you need to take control of situations and other’s actions to influence the ‘right’ outcome. You can become impatient with others and step in to push things forward.

When the pressure of feeling responsible for too much combines with the frustration of someone’s incompetence, you can become angry – sometimes attacking others because they are to blame for your overwhelm.

If there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s that you can’t control everything
(and trying to do so is lonely!)

You have to trust that the Universe has your back, and is working everything out for you behind the scenes. You are divinely loved and supported, beautiful!

Some Suggestions
Let Something Go Today!

Your inner saboteur triggers your anxiety. It feels super true, but it isn’t the truth that you cannot trust others, and therefore the pressure remains on you to stay involved in all the things.

You only have a limited amount of emotional energy each day; consider the practice of saying a quick prayer as you step back from one thing today. For example:

“I choose to let this one go and release the responsibility of the outcome to the Universe.

I call back the energy that I have already wasted on this.”

Start Small.

Perhaps start with choosing to let go of being right about the way someone else does something
and observe how their way didn’t cause the earth to stop spinning.

Or not engaging in an argument you may usually get sucked into because it isn’t that important to you.
Easier said than done? Don’t worry, more support, tips and tools are on their way to you.

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Sending a big whoosh of love to you!
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