I think every parent wants more for their children than they had.

We want to guide them through life, and with our experience and their talent, anything is possible!

Perfectly understandable given how much we love them.

One important thing to consider is that they are following in our footsteps, absorbing our every thought and emulating our every aspiration for ourselves.

They will not reach their full potential until they can emulate us striving for ours. We can’t tell them anything is possible, from our couch while we are not reaching for our dreams and not taking care of our health.

What if putting yourself FIRST (or for some of us, getting ourselves anywhere on the priority list) is actually the best thing to do for our kids self-esteem?

And why not kill two birds with one stone?

Why not make ourselves fully accomplished, fulfilled and proud of ourselves, while teaching them to strive for what makes them happy?

Limiting beliefs, fear and old childhood wounds often hold us back from going after our own goals. We can easily pass these onto our children if we aren’t conscious of them.

Don’t all humans actually function more joyfully and effectively with a little self focus and self care? There is a great analogy that we need to fill the pitcher first in order to pour for others.

Daughters will learn from their mothers behavior how much their happiness will matter as woman, and sons will learn how much their wives and female friends matter.

So, lets start filling that pitcher, without the guilt, because we matter and we want to set a good example of self care!

What will you do for yourself today?

How will you show your children that you matter and are still in the fight for personal greatness?

Start small (a bubble bath perhaps) or make strong declarations about where you are heading in the future.. I would love to see your posts..

You are worth it and I believe in you!

Much Love,