Whatever hard thing you have walked through, whatever you feel you have lost,

It’s yours to take back.

This intimate, small group workshop will create the internal healing and energy shift you need to take back whatever you want, and recreate your life from there. 

 Together we take back smiles, confidence, health, peace…. you get to choose.

In our 2 hours together, we will focus on one area of your life that isn’t working right now. It likely hasn’t worked for some time because it requires some personal healing to move past. That is what I specialize in –identifying and healing wounded mindsets.

Heal your wounded energy, leave feeling empowered with new clarity on how to move forward with renewed confidence in yourself.


Two hours of experiential small group coaching with me via a private on-line room.

Together we will:

❁ Set powerful intentions for our time together, getting clear on how you want your life to change.

❁ Gain intuitive insight into what has been in your way (e.g., mindset stories, old trauma, energy, lack of knowledge)

 Receive healing and release old energy powerfully as a group.

❁ Leave with a personal healing plan and new tools, feeling refreshed and empowered.



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