Are you a good mom? We all worry about that one.

Motherhood looks and feels different for everyone, so how do we know, truly?

The way we chose to spend our time, the type of parent we mostly are and our automatic reactions under stress are all unique for each of us. So what is this image of a “good mom” we are comparing ourselves to?

When you fight against the nuances of being you, in pursuit of a random ideal image of a mother, you may feel as though you are falling short. The trick of being at peace with this question is to create and live what YOUR clear image of healthy parenting looks like; honoring YOUR values, personality and your children’s needs.

God gave these kiddos to YOU for a reason, you have everything inside of you that they need.

Take the time to create your personal vision of parenting goals based on your strengths, your unique self and your unique soul values.

Have you created that vision?  without thinking I “should”, or comparing yourself to others?

Yes, you are a good mom.

Get intentional about how you want to parent, and learn how to stay mindful to avoid automatic reactions that deviate from that.

Most of all, be kind to yourself. It is apparently God’s plan to have imperfect, hormonal and semi-healed moms love their kids the best they can while they work on themselves at the same time 🙂

Much love,