Your Sacred Feminine Archetype is...

Gifted Goddess

Your superpowers are…

your creativity, your superbrain, and your big heart!

Your Inner Saboteur is the belief that:

You are responsible for figuring it out on your own

When you are operating from the shadow side of this Archetype
(when your inner saboteur is triggered), you disconnect from your divine guidance and intuition and engage your brain as your only superpower.
This can lead you to worry about the future, replay events from the past, imagine what people think of you, or produce an anxiety that you are not safe from failure.

If there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s that the answers to your inner peace cannot be found inside of your head (no matter how smart you are!)

Breathe, my love, let’s find the off-switch for that beautiful brain of yours! 

How you self-sabotage isn’t who you were born to be or part of your DNA. It’s simply your mindset loop based on your life experience so far, and can absolutely be changed!

Some Suggestions

Get out of your head – if only for a few minutes at a time.
As a recovering perfectionist and overthinker, my brain is naturally wired similarly.
I have many tools for you that will shift you back into peace, some of which are on their way to you already.

Your detailed personalized email report is on the way which includes:

  How to slow your brain down through mindfulness.

Comprehensive tips and practices on how to understand and better manage anxiety.

 How to feel safe and create space for joy.

See you in your in-box for more, beautiful!

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