Thank you, beautiful!

Here are your results

You are a “Boundary Queen”

on the Exhaustion ARCHETYPE QUIZ!

…. You know your worth and set your well-deserved boundaries well!

I’m impressed girl! No doubt you have worked hard on yourself to get where you are. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back. 

It’s time now to increase your connection –to yourself, to others and to your source of light – even more.  Perhaps it’s time to feel the feelings that you have been pushing to one side, fully connect to yourself and create the space you need to heal.  

You don’t have to do this alone.  

You are loved and supported, when you breathe into that and surrender even more, and you will feel lighter.

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  How to surrender more and seek to control less, including my personal story of ‘letting go’.

ADDITIONAL important areas currently impacting your personal exhaustion with insights on how to significantly transform the way you feel – from depleted and overwhelmed, to consistently peaceful and confident in creating the life you really want.

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My promise to you is that you will leave with clarity and hope for how to live with renewed enjoyment and vitality.


Who am I, you ask?

I am Joanna Peters, a certified mindset and energy coach, intuitive healer, spiritual mentor, and author.

To quote my book – A Woman’s Word :

“Beautiful souls, our time to rise is now. But first we need to stop believing the lie that every other woman has it all together except us”.

My love, everyone is a hot mess – no exceptions. Exhaustion is everywhere! 

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Much love,