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Here Are Your Results

“You are a “Go-Getter Goddess!”

on the Exhaustion ARCHETYPE QUIZ!

….. weary from powering through on empty – it’s time for a change of plan, beautiful!

 Being a go-getter is awesome –  I bet your achievements at times amaze everyone! If you are feeling exhausted though, you have likely not just worn yourself out, but are in the processing of completely crushing your spirits.

You likely have a tendency to shoot for unsustainable standards and be hard on yourself when you fall short.  

If this is sounding familiar, your mindset is costing you too much my love.

Take a moment to praise yourself, even though you may be tempted to notice they ways you aren’t ‘there’ yet.  What you do achieve and who you are deserves a BIG celebration. 

The good news is that the part of the mindset causing your exhaustion is retrainable. As a recovering perfectionist myself, I can vouch that you will be able to love and appreciate yourself much more deeply once you heal.

How you feel about yourself matters in all areas of your life and effects your emotional and physical health – I’ve got you!

Your detailed personal report is on the way to your email in-box, including:

  How to heal the mindset of perfectionism.

Comprehensive tips on “How to Tame the Mean Voice in Your Head”.

♡ It also lists out 2 other important areas currently impacting your personal exhaustion with insights on how to significantly transform the way you feel – from depleted and overwhelmed, to consistently peaceful and confident in creating the life you really want.

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Consume the loving content ‘at your own pace’ and cherry-pick only what you are drawn to. The mindset of perfectionism is a hot topic in our group, you are not alone, my friend!

Healing and laughing as a group is powerful; I truly can’t wait to share this experience with you!



I’m so happy you are here!

I am Joanna Peters, a certified mindset and energy coach, intuitive healer, spiritual mentor, and author.

To quote my new upcoming book – A Woman’s Word :

“Beautiful souls, our time to rise is now. But first we need to stop believing the lie that every other woman has it all together except us”.

My love, everyone is a hot mess – no exceptions. Exhaustion is everywhere! 

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