Goddess, I think you know about me that I speak the plain truth to you, even if it does’t feel good to hear 🙂

Whether you love or hate your life, you were partially responsible for created it. Everyone creates their life at each moment.

Either by conscious choice or unconscious default, you lead your life, as co-creator with your higher power.

The way you show up, your energy, how you communicate and ask for what you want, how you stand up for what you don’t want, how you relate to and with others, your thoughts (and wounds) about money and responsibility, it all shapes how others are around you, your current circumstance, your life.

Whether you are happy with where you are right now or not, the fact that you understand that you created it is great news! Really, I promise.

We all create our lives with a somewhat wounded mindset, and as we face our own stories and heal our wounds we are able to make different choices.

Since you are already creating your life, minute by minute, with a bit more focus and support to understand exactly what behaviors created which piece, you can create anything you want going forward!

I would love to support you in doing just that. So what do you want? what’s missing? what’s next?

Having a hard time believing you are that powerful in your own life?

I would love to hear your thoughts…!