want to go from exhausted

to feeling vibrant?


HeLLO Beautiful!

You have been brave and withstood a lot recently, I’m so proud of you!

If you are feeling exhausted though, you are in the right place.

I invite you to take a step towards feeling lighter, by joining me and other beautiful souls in my FREE 5-Day experience. 

Restore is not a workshop, it’s a space I created to transform overwhelmed and depleted women into being – once more – peaceful, focused and capable.

Over the 5-days you will uncover the 3 top three inner traits causing your exhaustion, become empowered through new awareness and personalized tools, receive intuitive healing light and leave with a personal emotional restoration plan.  

 Taking a step towards feeling lighter – together, is powerful.  

 My promise to you is that you will leave with clarity and hope for how to live with renewed enjoyment and vitality.


 What to expect:

  READY TO UNCOVER WHICH INNER TRAITS ARE CAUSING YOUR EXHAUSTION? Taking my Exhaustion Archetype quiz will reveal which inner traits add to your exhaustion, and find out how to get your health and energy back. You will use the personalized report to tailor your experience throughout Restore.

Expect daily lives and mindset and energy training tools that speak to your newly identified traits – you can cherry-pick what you need through the 5-Day experience.

 Enjoy guided mindfulness and energetic healing throughout, to shift even the most stubborn funk.

♡ Expect giggles, support, dance parties, and lots of healing white light in the private Facebook group. Everything ‘at your own pace’ and optional. 

 Leave with a PERP (Personal Emotional Restoration Plan) – including affirmations to offset your most damaging mindset, mindfulness practices to quiet your mind, body nurturing habits, energy management and spiritual reconnection tools.  

Whatever you need, you have me for 5-days.

New date coming soon.. click below to join wait-list and I will reach out to you. 


To sign-up, all you have to do is request to join the Private Facebook Group using the link below.

I will explain everything when you get there…

See you soon!

Much love,