You are looking for support, and I’ve got you, beautiful!

My level of support extends from mental to emotional, energetic and beyond.

My signature group programs and my individual soul sessions are based on a combination of practices.  I am a certified mindset and energy coach, an intuitive healer, and a spiritual mentor.  

 I use my gift of intuitive sight and my training to help you transform your pain and navigate back to who you really are.


I have walked (and sometimes crawled) through a journey of awakening and healing myself over decades, and I combine all the tools that helped me, my training, and my gift of being able to see and feel exactly what you need.

I will be a powerful guide for your journey of awakening and healing. My offer to you is that will see and feel your life, and yourself, very differently after working with me.


 It’s possible to find peace no matter how deep your wounds are.

Check below for an introductory priced Soul Session and options for packages and payment plans. 

A Gentle 4-month Journey to Self

Together we will fully embrace your wounded and self-abandoned parts, deepening both your sense of self and your trust in the Universe.

Are you tired of struggling to be everything to everyone while fighting exhaustion? 

 Are never-ending to-do lists running your life? Do you flip-flop between complete disconnection and emotional breakdowns to survive your day?

Breathe, my love, I see you. You have been so brave, but allow me to show you another way.

It’s time to stop bulldozing yourself to ‘be enough’ and learn to live in flow and connection with yourself and the Universe. 

Underneath the wounded mindset that has been subconsciously running you, is a little girl who has been patiently waiting for you to come back and save her.

This program is where we fully integrate mindset work and intuitive spiritual healing, building upon having identified your Exhaustion Archetype, and the top 3 inner traits creating your exhaustion.

 Whether it’s people-pleasing, perfectionism, conflict avoiding, overthinking, or being spiritually disconnected — these are all just symptoms of deeper wounds.

Healing is possible; All you need to do is decide that you are ready and claim it for yourself.

Beautiful soul, it will be my honor to guide you through the sacred journey of Feminine Restoration. The first step is to decide that you are ready to listen to that yearning deep inside you and bravely choose yourself.

Perhaps that tug you have been feeling to make this time for yourself is your intuition leading you on a journey to Sacred Feminine Restoration.

The format of this program includes:

Weekly Intuitive Coaching and Healing Calls with me via Zoom

Being guided through a learning portal on my website to access short home assignments that support integration into real life

Embodiment work

Group healing

Over 4 months you will receive:

12 individual soul sessions

3 intimate group healing sessions

Unlimited Access to my Sacred Feminine Home Healing Portal:

Guided deeper mindset and spiritual healing work using various modalities in the format of short videos, workbooks and ‘on-the-go’ audio recordings.

My Inner Goddess Spiritual Reconnection Package.

Guided mindfulness and energy clearing meditations.

My upcoming book “A Woman’s Word”:

 A Woman’s Word challenges women everywhere to free themselves from the secret shame of their past through sharing the inspiring stories of nine brave women who journey from anguish and darkness, to experience healing and triumph.

Hear from other women on the same journey:

“I feel held by Joanna in my vulnerability in a way that allows me to dig deep. She is extremely gifted at what she does; helping me (in ways that nobody else has been able) to identify patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve me and rewrite my old beliefs into self-love.” – Cathy M

“Joanna helped me to see deep into my soul where old wounds & habits dwelled. I am able to see clearly now, my path to healing & my future, without self-doubt or judgment. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of me! Well worth the investment in myself”– Nancy K

This program is for you if you are being called to:

Get to know yourself on a soul level – including your quirks, desires, unspoken boundaries, and passions. 

Find the off-switch for your overworked brain, enabling you to connect with light more profoundly and strengthen your intuition. 

Become an expert at discerning your wounded thinking from Divine Truth; tackle limiting beliefs and any parental conditioning still running you. 

Identity the deeper wound and triggers causing your anxiety, and receive energy healing as well as coaching on tools for self-care. 

Heal and release past shame or trauma.

Uncover what has been underneath the people-pleasing or being hard on yourself all along, softening the hold the trait currently has on you.

Your life will feel easier once you:

 Learn tools to set 3 types of boundaries and master the strategies on how to guard them.

Convert the mean voice in your head to a cheerleader: Define who you are as an adult woman and restore integrity in yourself.

Identify and heal self-sabotaging patterns from their core wound.

Get clear on what season of life you have just been walking through, what’s next for you and claim how you will show up for yourself in the future. 

Create clarity and deeper connection in your key relationships.

See yourself clearly as the beautiful, unique and courageous woman that you are, and begin sinking into unapologetic love with yourself.

Hear from other women on the same journey:

“Joanna ‘gets me’ and she brings so much love, positivity, and faith to our work. She is passionate, understanding, and incredibly intuitive. I truly can no longer imagine my life without her in it.”  – Jessica C

“I could not believe how much better I felt after just one session. Joanna is incredible, truly one of a kind” –  Jill H

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a payment plan?

I love a payment plan! You can secure one of the limited restoration spots for six monthly installments of $397 – or $2222 in one payment (saving of $160). 

I’m already busy and overwhelmed. How will I fit this in?

Me too! I designed this program with me – ADHD, two teens, and a business – in mind. Concluding that if even I could do it, I would launch the program! The most significant time commitment is the hour a week we share. 


I have designed missing two sessions into the plan (because life happens!), and you can stream the 4–7-minute videos on the portal from your phone during school pick up or waiting for the train. 


Everything outside of our sessions is optional and at your own pace, but I will make sure to direct you to the restorative material based on your needs. 

How are the sessions with Joanna conducted?

All calls are via zoom. We pick a time that works for us each week (I have evening and weekend times), and I send you a link that doesn’t change for the four months. 

What exactly is the Sacred Feminine Home Healing Portal?

I’m so glad you asked! I worked so hard on creating it for you. 


I found myself repeating to clients the groundwork of understanding needed to grow. For example, what people-pleasing is, how our thoughts create our emotions, and typical ways we disconnect from ourselves in trauma.


It occurred to me that if I created a bunch of short videos to explain these baselines, we could then focus on the ‘meat’ of the healing in our sessions. 


Based on your needs, I will direct you to cherry-pick crucial skills that the videos will help you learn faster between our sessions. 


It also has optional mini-assignments and workbooks for anyone wanting to invest more time to their healing.

What level of support do I receive between weekly sessions?

As much or as little as you need, my love! 


There is an abundance of support, connection, and tools available to you. 


Or you can navigate the portal at your own pace and show up just for our sessions if you don’t have any questions.

Please reach out with questions about any programs –