it’s time to heal

 Want someone to just take your hand and show you the steps you need to move past ‘stuck’, overwhelm and emotionally exhausted? 

I’ve got you, beautiful!

  Join me and a small group of women on this intimate journey of healing; get super clear on who you are and what you want in six weeks and leave with a personalized road-map of what’s next for you.  

  Believe me, I know it can be hard to work on yourself as well as manage your life, so this on-line program is designed to be powerful while also fitting into the tiny windows of time in your life.





Prioritize YOU. Get clear on who you are and what you really want.

Heal from the fog of overwhelm and relight that internal fire.

Learn how to speak up with confidence and change situations and relationships that aren’t working.

Turn ‘people pleasing’ into a thing of the past.

Set new boundaries and learn how to guard them.

Learn how to say “no” powerfully and with love.

Understand which personal mindset patterns are in your way.

Understand patterns of comfort eating, drinking or any other ways you numb emotional pain.

Turn the mean voice in your head into a cheerleader.

Strengthen your spiritual connection and inner guidance.

Give and get support from a loving and compassionate group of women, on group zoom calls and in private group Facebook group.


 Module 1: Loving ClarityWhy women don’t prioritize themselves. Guide to reconnect with self and let go of pleasing others. Identifying your version of ‘stress’ and ‘stuck’.

❁ Module 2: Monkey-mind’ to MindfulnessFind the off-switch for your brain, connect with light, strengthen intuition and grow faith in self. Support delving into ‘Know yourself on a soul level” workbook

❁ Module 3: Learn about and uncover your personal mindset patterns: Decern wounded thinking from Divine Truth; tackle limiting beliefs and conditioning. Set boundaries and learn strategies on how to guard them. Learn what triggers your anxiety. 

 Module 4: Convert the mean voice in your head to a cheerleader: Define who you are and restore integrity in self. Release ‘stuck’, ‘shoulds’ and ‘shame’.

 Module 5: Strategies:  Get clear on season and set intentions. Create personal road-map and strategies going forward.

❁ Fun closing ceremony and graduation


 6 weekly 1 hour LIVE Small Group Coaching calls with me via zoom.

 Clear and easy web-based training modules, delivered in short, 6 minute videos with flexible assignments.

 5 weekly 30 minute Live Q&A in private “Soul Weary Revival” Facebook Group.

❁ Low content week with additional support for catch up, and to get support with integrating material into real life.

❁ Additional Live Q&As as needed, plus support of peers in group.


For those wanting to connect and heal on a deeper level, I would love to gift you with my  “How to Reconnect with Your Inner Child” workbook:

Reconnect with your inner child; how to play and what is fun for you.

Locate the trapped, wounded energy in your body that’s driving your reaction under stress.

 Connect to your higher power and learn to trust your intuition on what your body is telling you.

How to journal and create the space for personal healing at home. 

To receive the inner child healing guide as a bonus gift, claim your space in September’s Program by September 10th.

Early bird bonus ends:








Join us, Beautiful!

Please email any questions about programs to –

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