I know you are not looking for one more thing to do,

which is why I designed REVIVE to feel like you are sinking into your new favorite armchair.


Welcome, beautiful.

Welcome, beautiful.

If you are exhausted from endless to-do lists, trying to keep others happy while feeling the weight of the world’s struggles – your soul is weary, and you are not alone!

My offer through the REVIVE program is for you to come to hang out where your soul can rest and heal while you learn life-changing tools which will empower you to navigate challenges differently after the program.

join me and a small group of women on this intimate journey of healing. 

I start each session with intuitive healing, releasing lower energies, and lifting your vibration; you will begin to feel better from week one.

I then gently walk you and a small group of women through a ‘go at your own pace’ 8-week journey of learning, restoration and healing, so that by the end, you will truly feel revived – as though you have been on vacation in nature.

It’s possible to ‘get off the hamster wheel’ for good. In short, to stop chasing feeling ‘enough’ my love – because you already are.


Healing, Reconnection & Support

Healing, Reconnection & Support

Module 1

Loving Clarity

Why women don’t prioritize themselves. Guide to reconnect with self and let go of pleasing others. Identifying your version of ‘stress’ and ‘stuck’.


‘Monkey-mind’ to Mindfulness

Find the off-switch for your brain, Reconnect with light, strengthen intuition and grow faith in self. Support delving into ‘Know yourself on a soul level” workbook.


Learn about and uncover your personal mindset patterns 

Discern wounded thinking from Divine Truth; tackle limiting beliefs and conditioning. Uncover what triggers your overthinking and anxiety. 



Convert the mean voice in your head to a cheerleader

Define who you are and restore integrity in self. Release ‘stuck’, ‘shoulds’ and ‘shame’. Learn my personal success formula for overcoming perfectionism. 



Get clear on the season and set intentions. Set boundaries and learn new strategies to guard them. Learn my signature Zig-zag method for infusing peace into your busy life. Create personal road-map for the future.


Fun coaching ceremony
and graduation!

Celebrate yourself, your accomplishments, and your journey in a fun online ceremony. 


Save your spot for January, 17th 2022:


What You’ll Get

What You’ll Get


Daily support and love from myself & peers in private "Soul Weary Revival" group.

8 weekly 1 hour LIVE Small Group Coaching calls with me via zoom.

8 weekly 30 minute Live Q&As, so we can navigate life together using our new tools & awareness.

Low content week with additional support for catch up, and to get support with integrating material into real life.

Everything at your own pace and optional

Everything at your own pace and optional

Save your spot for January, 17th 2022:




 Enjoy guided mindfulness and energetic healing throughout, to shift even the most stubborn funk.

  Expect giggles, support, dance parties, and lots of healing white light in the private Facebook group.

Graduate with:

PERP (Personal Emotional Restoration Plan) – including affirmations to offset your most damaging mindset, mindfulness practices to quiet your mind, body nurturing habits, energy management, and spiritual reconnection tools.

A personalized roadmap of how to fully step into your authentic REVIVED self.

Graduating Sister Testimonials

Graduating Sister Testimonials

This well put together program was a life-changer for me! It helped me to see deep into my soul where old wounds and habits dwelled. Joanna’s compassionate and intuitive style is beautiful. I am able to see clearly now, my path to healing and my future, without self-doubt or judgment. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of me! Well worth the investment in myself.

Nancy K

Joanna is amazing! Working with her has been a journey to a better version of myself. The tools I have developed from her steps are life changing. Her techniques are stimulating to the mind and soul. Definitely will continue to work with her in the future to stay on track.

Jill H

I highly recommend REVIVE. As a busy, working mom, 5-minute videos were achievable without feeling overwhelmed, which resulted in actual progress! Joanna is incredibly insightful and provides concrete steps for growth that can immediately be implemented. I also really enjoyed connecting with the other women via the Facebook group and live calls. Overall, this is a wonderful course that will unquestionably result in positive changes in your life

Jess C

Ready to Choose you?

Ready to Choose you?

Join us, beautiful!