Hello Goddess,

Do you have goals and dreams, thoughts of how you would be more fulfilled or happier… then don’t take action?

It’s super common! Frustrating as heck, but we all do it to some extent.

We say we want something, then don’t follow through to make it happen for ourselves? or we tell ourselves we didn’t really want it. Why is that? What stops us?

Based on our past experiences, what our parents told us or showed us through their example or other life events, we created  interpretations. We rationalized events, made up stories and made some assumptions about how life works for us. A lot of these interpretations were formed while we were under ten years old.

This is the lens that we now see our current life through, a mixture of all that. Not all of it is truth, not all of it we personally agree with anymore as adults, but these stories are in our subconscious. We have developed filters that now subconsciously limit us.

It is more complicated than just fear, some of it is wounds from our childhood, or the angry voice of a parent that we internalized.

It is beautiful and courageous to look at why you believe what you do and unravel the wiring of your thoughts and beliefs, to challenge them.

Do YOU really believe that, or do you think you should? Why is that a ‘hard no’ out of fear?

Are you curious what is really stopping you?

Maybe you have wanted something for a while that isn’t on track, or you aren’t where you thought you would be and aren’t exactly sure how to get out of your own way.

I would love to hear about it and partner with you to unravel and challenge whatever has been put in your way.

With so much love,