How do you know if you are “SOUL TIRED” vs exhausted and in need of a vacation?

The tricky part of answering this question is that a large majority of us are both.

Decades of social conditioning has created an epidemic of women who consider that taking care of others before their physical needs is expected.

We are all running around meeting even the cat’s needs before our own. People pleasing, a fear of disappointing others and our own unsustainable standards have many of us considering a pee break at work a personal self-care luxury.

For more on how to stop that madness, stay tuned. Just know that if any of that felt familiar, you are likely walking around dehydrated, somewhat malnourished and likely aren’t getting quality or enough sleep. That all adds up to being plain old exhausted.

So, what’s soul tired?

Some symptoms of soul tired are:
=>You struggle to feel passion for anything positive
=>You feel tired and lack enthusiasm even at beginning of day, but you are a champ at pushing through.
=>You feel like your life is a long list of ‘to-dos’
=>You are not sure you are measuring up.
=>Sad is in the background for you, even when happy things are happening around you.
=>You have disconnected from your body, nothing affects you emotionally for days or weeks, then you explode in resentment and anger over everyone you love over something small.
=>You feel foggy and lost, not sure what your passions are any more or what would light you up even if you were to make time for yourself. You pretend to enjoy what others enjoy, its not about you and that’s fine.

If any of this feels familiar, you are soul tired or soul weary. It is your soul that requires attention.

We are spiritual beings connected to each other and nature and the Universal Source (God, Love, Light…). Our souls need that connection. Your soul needs to feel loved and heard and honored as the unique and special expression of Source that you are. You may be wanting your partner to meet this need for you, but you would be looking in the wrong place.

Your soul needs to sit with nature and feel supported by it or be able to dance or laugh or just stare at the stars. When you are connected to the universe, however you do it and whatever you call it, you feel alive and unique and special. You know where you fit and it feels joyful and fun.

Many of us deprioritize ourselves in the service of others, don’t make time for what lights us up or simply fall out of the habit of connecting to our own souls quietly. Or perhaps we have turned some of what could help us (praying, meditating, mindfulness exercises, nature walks etc) into “to-dos” on our long list.

If so, they become things we ‘have to’ or “should” do (if only we had the time) instead of things we “get to” do. Once we do that our inner resistance and internal struggle begins and we actually commit to not doing it whether it is on the list or not.

If any of this resonates, please make a quiet promise to yourself that this nonsense ends now!

Ask for help even if you aren’t sure who or what is listening to you. “Universe, please help me to find ways to enjoy feeding my soul”.

You are so special, quirky and unique. You were made that way on purpose, truly a perfect master piece. Listen to all the different aspects of you that want to play differently – your creative side, your need to recharge and be alone more, or perhaps that wild side.

Love and honor all the different parts of yourself. Allow yourself over time to love doing it, love the feeling of honoring yourself and to choose it first over anything else, because you deserve it.

Much love,
Joanna Peters

Ps. If no soul lifting activities are coming to you right away, check out my “Rainy day gifts to your soul” list for some simple ideas to get started and see if they work for you./”: