Insomnia? Busy Brain? Worry?

Ahh the very misguided musings of a tired, overthinking mind.

Goddess, Your thoughts just aren’t that special! We put too much faith in our intellect when we aren’t centered and balanced. Thoughts are just thoughts.

We all have them, lots of them. Some thoughts are triggers from fear, some are “I must figure this out or the world may end’ type thoughts. Breathe. You are not the managing director of the universe. You will be guided tomorrow once you get some rest, get centered and connect with our intuition and guides again.

Here are some tips on how do we shut down the worry/over planning thoughts down on demand at night:

=> Write down genuine ‘to-dos’ during day, so you can trust you are covered when you enter the ‘misguided musings’ hour.
=> Ask yourself, “What’s ONE thing I can do tomorrow to reduce or eliminate my concern now?”. Write it down and commit to doing it tomorrow.
=> Remind yourself that you are not the managing director of the universe, and review the scope of what you are concerned about with some humor.
=> Thoughts are just thoughts. Notice them with curiosity and wait for the next one; like waves on a beach. (this is a great visualization tool to fight the need to analyze each precious one!)
=> Fall in love with routine; go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday.
=> Create a habit to do whatever centers you and brings you peace, if not daily then start with a few times a week but as a routine.

=> Use mindful techniques to keep patiently bringing yourself back to “now” (vs future or past). I cover this more thoroughly in other posts, but am easy way to start is to focus on using your senses. You cant notice what you see, smell, hear etc if you are in the past or future.

=> Remember to ask for help, and repeatedly if your mind is putting up a fight – “Arch Angel Micheal (or your higher power) thank you for loving me. Please help me to give my worries away, I release them and trust I will be equipped with what I need tomorrow. Please fill me with peace and a knowing that I am loved and supported”.

Much love,