Hello Beautiful Souls…

List of rainy day tips as promised. We all have rainy days. What happens when we hit some hard emotions is that the catabolic energy that is released into our bodies limits the options our mind is usually able to see. We get tunnel vision, and can only see the problem or pain. Save this list of tips of things to do in advance when the blues hit, so you can reach for it and give your beautiful soul these gifts.

Please add to the list in the comments or confirm for others what works for you. 

=> Read pre-written love letter to yourself (see instructions below if needed)
=> Give yourself a dance party
=> Write a love letter to your Source/angels/guides.
=> Pray (connect, ask for help, words not important)
=> Use calm/buddhify/clearfear type mindfulness apps to walk you through naming and processing your emotions.
=> Reach out to someone you love.
=> Get creative in whatever way that means to you (draw, paint, garden, write a poem, look through house magazines or Houzz app).
=> Ground yourself in nature (if you can put your feet on earth, hug a tree, be with a body of water)
=> Get some sun on your face.
=> Get lost looking out at the stars and moon.
=> Move your body (walk, bike, dance etc)
=> List out 10 things you are grateful for and why.
=> Make future plans that you will enjoy.
=> Allow and make space to “sit with/in” strong emotions and allow whatever comes out of it with out self judgement.
=> Cuddle up with your pets.
=> Bake something you love to eat, or order it in.
=> Light your favorite candle and sit and daydream.
=> Take a nap.
=> Stretch your muscles out (see anxiety stretches)
=> Take a bath/shower – use the good products.
=> Make a list of places you would like to visit.
=> Browse photos of loved ones.
=> Burn your favorite essential oils.
=> Reach for your favorite crystals.

I’d love to hear what other things works for you in the comments below!!